Amal Achva Gilboa and Amal Emek Harod Multidisciplinary High Schools participated in a two- day negotiation workshop conducted by Pathways Institute for Negotiation Education.

Initiated and developed by the Amal English Department in 2011 in collaboration with Harvard University, the Art of Negotiation and Conflict Resolution program acquainted students with the principles of negotiation and conflict management, promoting joint problem solving.

The program contributed to peace education by opening the lines of communication between students of differing backgrounds and helping to foster greater tolerance for the viewpoints of others.  The program also promoted understanding of the challenges of negotiations on a national level and their importance as a tool for preventing violence.

The Amal English Department pioneered the development this program which has been widely adopted across Israel. Since 2016, the program has been implemented by the PATHWAYS Institute for Negotiation Education.

The program was sponsored by the U.S. Embassy, Tel Aviv.