The National Debate Program

As part of the National Debate program, students from different schools have the opportunity to meet each other and discuss various topics in a thoughtful, creative, and respectful manner. The debate tournament, and more importantly – the training leading up to it, provides essential skills and tools for junior and senior high-school students. The 2021-2022 school year marks the program’s eleventh year. Teachers will be trained in three different comprehensive courses and more than two thousand students will participate in the activities. Approximately half of the schools are from the Israeli periphery and more than a quarter of the schools are Arab schools. Since 2020, Amal has partnered with the Ministry of Education and the U.S. Embassy in the implementation of the National Debate Program. The National Debate program is implemented by the Cohen Idov Center for Debate and Rhetoric.


The Amal Debate Program

The Debate Program was developed by the Amal English Department with the aim of bringing together students from different sectors of Israeli society and fostering greater tolerance for the viewpoints of others. while helping develop logical and critical thinking, and improving students’ overall English skills, and their ability to communicate in spoken English in particular. From 2005-2017, the program was implemented in Amal schools and included a series of workshops, culminating in a final debate between students. The project was funded by the United States Embassy (Tel Aviv) and carried out in cooperation with the Israel Debating Society. The program currently operates in schools selected by Amal.