Amal’s ACCESS students meet US Ambassador Jack Lew


ACCESS students from Amal Alsayed meet US Ambassador Jack Lew at a joint voluntary activity in Rahat.



On 22nd November 2023, ACCESS students from Amal’s Elsayad Multidisciplinary High School met with the new US Ambassador to Israel, His Excellency Jack Lew, during a unique volunteering incentive.

Together with the Ambassador, the school’s principal Ibrahim Elsayad and English studies coordinator Ahmad Fokra, the students packed food parcels for distribution to the needy as part of an ongoing initiative that takes place in the southern town of Rahat.

The students explained to the Ambassador how the US Embassy’s ACCESS program has helped them improve their command of the English language, has taught them about US culture and has emphasized the importance of democratic values such as equality, and of community volunteering.  They also expect that participating in ACCESS will assist them in achieving top results in the English Bagrut exam, thus enabling them to continue on to higher education.