Welcome 2022-2033 תשפ”ג – A letter to our teachers & colleagues

August 2022

Dear colleagues,

We hope that you and your families have had a great summer, filled with fun and relaxation, and are now ready to return to your classroom with renewed energy. 

This year, we will continue to focus on teaching and enhancing students’ vocabulary, preparing students for the new format of Module E, and developing speaking skills. We will also offer online sessions with a variety of experts on these topics for the multidisciplinary high schools and continue the process of preparing the technological high schools for the move to regular Bagrut exams which include the literature program, a computerized oral exam, a project, and a yearly grade.

Of course, we will continue to implement our unique programs: Teens Make a Difference and Access, with the support of the US Embassy Jerusalem. We will offer Debate workshops to junior high schools Negotiation workshops to pairs of high schools and Entrepreneurship workshops with MIT students. In addition, we hope to implement Photos that Tell Stories in the Mahatim and technological high schools

We encourage you and your staff to develop relevant and meaningful programs for implementation in your school. We will assist you in developing the program and funding. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any idea you have.

This email includes links to very important documents posted on the MoE site and a link to 2022 Back to School Activities adapted by Ahuva Dotan:

2022 Back to School Activities (Note: Please make a copy of all Google activities. Do not make changes to the original document.)

Over the course of the school year, we will continue to send you materials and lesson plans (you can also find them in the Resource Center).


We cannot stress enough that the Reading for Pleasure program should become an integral and regular part of the weekly schedule throughout the year and spark reading motivation. 

The Amal English Department offers sets of books that you can borrow for use in the reading program. You can view the list of available titles, including the level, topic, and whether there is an online/audio version and a teacher’s guide or notes, at http://bit.ly/AmalEnglishDepartmentLibrary. A school can borrow no more than two sets of books. The loan period is no more than three months. Students are not allowed to write in the books. The books are wrapped in plastic covers and should be returned in good condition. Here is the link for ordering sets of books for your students:    https://forms.gle/XNworNrpBLf5xN5RA.


The English Inspectorate site can be found on the portal under each of the Elementary, Junior High and High school sections under English Pedagogy. I highly recommend you visit the site regularly and use the materials developed for English teachers, available on the MoE portal.

  • The Geffen program will provide more autonomy to all schools this coming school year. Make sure English is included in your school’s chosen resources – talk to your principal.


  • There will be no Covid mikud this coming school year. The literature program returns to the previous requirements. The text types are according to the table of specification.
  • In Module C – there will still be a choice of topics.
  • Changes to modules A and B –In the past few years, Module B (for external students) became easier than Module A. Therefore, starting from this winter (January, 2023), the two reading sections will be swapped. Module A will have two short reading texts and one listening task, while module B (for external students) will include one longer reading. We will be monitoring the grades to see the impact of this change. (posted August, 2022)
  • Boost for 3-pointers – Speaking COBE:
    In summer 2024, 3-pointers will begin to be tested orally via the computer. Additional information regarding teacher conferences and examples will be announced in the coming weeks. The content of the exam will include a listening section, a very structured interview on pre prepared topics and very simple description of pictures. For the coming year, 3-point teachers will be invited to join the pilot to try the test out under convenient conditions.

Professional Development:

Many courses and PLCs are offered for teachers by the MoE, both face to face and online via your local Pisga, Matach, Lnet, etc; for example, micro accreditation, ESRA Teacher Chat. Check with your Pisga what is available and encourage your staff to attend courses or a PLC. 

The tentative Bagrut exam schedules can be found online:

We are very proud of our students’ accomplishments in English , especially in schools where there was an increase in the number of students who took the Bagrut exams in general and the number of five pointers in particular. Thank you for your hard work and for making this accomplishment possible. We will work closely with the schools that lag behind and invest time and effort to raise their achievements. Teachers have a variety of programs and resources to help them reach this goal.

We are grateful to the U.S. Embassy for their continued support of our unique programs.

Please share this information and the lesson plans with your staff, and remember that Ahuva, Debbie, Sherrie, and I are available to assist you as needed.

Wishing you a safe, healthy, and productive school year.

Dr. Rachel Tal, Head of English Studies

Amal English Department